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Engage Your Community With a Creative Workshop Series

Speaking.      Storytelling.      Community.      Immersive Art. 

 Creative Workshops 

Could your community benefit from a workshop? Let's work together to cceate an inclusive space where individuals can focus on mental health as we create art! From creative writing to vision boarding, workshop packages include customized content to inform, inspire, and ignite your team.


Work with trained teaching artists and facilitators  to pump some creative juices through your tribe or you wish to inspire a healing session full of vulnerability and communication-schedule a call with Andrea Augustus to create a vision for your organization. 

Co-Create an Inclusive space where team members can cultivate impactful messages.

Workshops are full of activities, visual learning materials, and journals that serve as intentionally curated wellness partners. 


 Featured Workshops:

🖊 Self-Love Through Poetry 🖊

"Self-Love Through Poetry" is a creative writing workshop that digs into the question: "How Do I Use Poetry as a Wellness Tool?" This workshop introduces using poetry to celebrate yourself.  Individuals create guided journal entries as they learn the mental health benefits of journaling and written expression.

🖊 Reflective Affirmations Workshop 🖊

"Manifesting Through Spoken Word" is a performance arts workshop that digs into the question "How Can I Use Affirmations to Enhance My Life?" Individuals explore verbal expression through the use of positive affirmations and spoken word poetry.

🖊 Sit and Paint Workshop

"Sit and Paint" is a wellness workshop where individuals explore painting as a means of stress relief and creative expression. During this alcohol-free workshop, individuals use of color mixing and paint layering, while experiencing the cathartic effects of creating visual art. [Available with libations upon request]

🖊 Dream It, Achieve It ~ Visionboarding🖊

"Dream It, Achieve It" is a visionboarding workshop where participants create personal vision boards in an intentionally curated wholistic environment with sound bowl meditations, guided visualizations, and mindfulness activities.

The above workshops are modifiable for participants of all ages.  May be utilized as professional development workshops rooted in team-building, mindfulness, and wellness.

Have an idea for a workshop not listed above? We're flexible. 

Contact us to customize a workshop package for your organization today. 

Youth-Specific Workshops:

Networking 101: Speed Networking 
In this interactive workshop, participants are able to understand the value of networking and try out their own networking skills in a "Speed Networking" activity. 

Public Speaking 101: Speak it, Be It!
In this workshop, students are able to understand the qualities of an excellent public speaker and sharpen their speaking skills through the use of creative writing. 

Resume Building 101: Building a Resume with Minimal Experience 
In this workshop, students are able to draft professional resumes that reflect their academic and personal achievements. 

Cover Letter 101: Build an Amazing Cover Letter

In this workshop, students are able to create original cover letters that detail their academic and personal achievements with the goal of applying for internships and jobs in their desired career fields. 

Community Service Project: Letters Writing 
In this workshop series, students write letters of support, advisement, gratitude, and encouragement to community members including school/organization staff, younger students, family members, the elderly, and themselves. Can be facilitated as a one-time workshop, or an extended series. 

Confident Teens: Positive Affirmation Workshop Series
In this wellness-based workshop participants are able to understand the benefits of positive affirmations while curating personalized affirmations that support their current goals and aid in overcoming personal challenges. 


If any of the above workshops seem like a good fit for your school or team creative workshop is right for your team, let's chat!

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