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Art and Education Newsletter : August

Back to School!

What the heck. It kinda feels like the summer JUST started.

I remember being young and seeing the back to school commercials on TV.

I swear each year the commercials came sooner and sooner.

As an educator, I KNOW that each year the commercials come on sooner and sooner, haha!

Kids racing down the aisles at target.

Teachers standing in classroom doorways. Looking fly.

Ready to meet their new pupils.

Wondering who they will be working with this year!

There's an exciting buzz of energy in the air.

The students are nervous.

Some of them are in a new school for the first time! Others are dipping each other up.

Greeting their classmates, and catching them up on all of the activities that happened over the summer.

Nobody knows what this school year is going to bring. No amount of planning, prediction, or prayer will tell the story that time is waiting to unfold.

That nervous excitement fills classrooms, offices, hallways, closets, staircases, bookbags, purses, and more.


I always loved school, can't lie to y'all! Learning and education have been my jam.

Back to School in 2022

Things are different for students in 2022, though.

These days back to school is a loaded situation.

Especially coming off the back of a pandemic.

Back to school is a bigger transition for students and teachers now than it has been in the past.

The effects of the pandemic, and all of the social and systemic challenges still linger. Some schools are still backed up and struggling to employ and retain dedicated educators.

There has been a decline in the amount of students enrolled for school this upcoming school year. Causing the NYC school budget to be reduced and funds distributed across different areas. Let's be clear, cutting funding on education is never the answer.

However, the decline in school enrollment is no surprise.

Schools abruptly shut down in 2020 when the pandemic began.

For some schools, the transition to online learning was rough.

Especially in schools that already were struggling as it was. Some teachers struggled to facilitate online programming.

Some students lost motivation to attend online classes. Quarantine Depression was a real thing, yall.

Learn more about my struggles with Quarantine Depression in an upcoming post. So Follow!

Some students just stopped coming to online classes.

Some parents did not want their kids to go back to school after an influx of shootings like the one in Uvalde.

Others did not want their children to be exposed to COVID.

As you can see there were a lot of transitions going on.

So, the 2022 back to school season is big this year!

Which is exciting!!

Let's face it, we are experiencing a major shift in education.

Students are learning differently.

Teachers are teaching differently.

We are adapting and being flexible to ensure that all students are receiving the quality education that they need and deserve!

If you're reading this, I know that you are up for the challenge!

The Art and Education community understands that. Y'all are the tribe!

If you are a new tribe member, leave a comment below so that I can say Hi!

We are creatives.

We are educators.

We are entrepreneurs who embrace change, diversity, learning, and one another!

So we are up for the challenge.


We will revolutionize education and the world.

July Community Events:

Last month was full of amazing community events in the Bronx.

I had the pleasure of featuring at the BX Writers networking event alongside two other amazing poets. King Kamayera and Ant Mute Morgan.

The venue was the Boogie Down Grind-a personal favorite of mine.

Try their summer drinks and chat with the people!

The Uptown Melody celebrated 1 year of curated events at the Bronxlandia.

The Bronxlandia announced a summer Sunday service series for artists to come out and jam in an open-mic style event!

Vendors will also be present.

Check them out every Sunday until it gets too cold!

BX Writers hosted a dope poetry corner at Rosa's at Park. Check out my highlight post here!


If you know of any upcoming events that should be featured in the Newsletter send me a message!

If you would like to talk to me about community programming at your organization book a call.

To learn more about the work I do, click here.

Until Next Time!

As always, stay well, and thank you for being a part of the family.

See you next month! <3 :)

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