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 Featured Speaking Topics 

Andrea Augustus is available year-round for speaking engagements. Expect a keynote speech or presentation tailored to your audience. Make this year's event unforgettable! 


💫  "From Pain to Purpose" 💫 

"From Pain to Purose" is a talk designed to teach students how to use art to heal, build confidence, and connect with others. Andrea talks about her expeirnece as a first generation college student, turned college drop-out, turned art entreprenuer. This talk addresses mental/emotional challenges, identity, depression. This talk aims to interrupt cycles of  mental unwellness by intorducing students to creative tools that can be used to increase mood, decrease stress, nad lead to reflection and healing. This talk can be partnered with creatveworkshops to teaches practical artistic strategies that students can implement instantly to improve their emeotional health and wellbeing. The presentation offers insight into how students can use their voices to optimize opportunities, make an impact in the world, and make money using the M.O.V.E. method of planning.  The presentation addresses the following issues while teaching the following skills: 



- Mental/Emotional Crisis

- Stress

- Demotivation

- Student Retention

- Lack of Confidence

- First-Generation College Struggles

- Navigating Major Transitions


- Self-Care Techniques

- Identifying Emotional Distress

- Communication Skills

- Self-Motivation

- Self-Expression

- Poetry / Creative Writing

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